Hi there! I made this blog cause I think I have a lot to share with the world with too little confidence to actually say it out loud. I don’t actually know what type stuff I’ll post here. But one thing I’ll write about are kdrama recaps. Can i just say that I’m like addicted to them? So if you want any Kdrama to recapped tell me and I’ll try my best. Though I can’t recap the ones that are currently airing cause I’m not korean and there’s about 5 korean words I can understand without subtitles. Okay. So when you’re a girl who’s addicted to kdramas, what other things do you usually like? Right! The NBA. Yeah. So aside from Kdramas the other thing I’d most likely post about is basketball. Oh, and did I mention that I love Japanese comics, books and animes too? So from here on now, I promise to only post interesting stuff, according whatever the word interesting means to me anyway.

PS: I know I’m a lacking writer. And my ideas might not be so cohesive yet. But I know that in time I’ll be better 🙂 And I’m not really a writer. I’m in the field of finance, so..


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